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The Strategy Summit 2014

The Strategy Summit 2014 shall be held at the Strathmore Business School and will focus exclusively on this little-understood subject: Bridging the gap – creating authentic teams from diverse teams for high performance at work.

Your Communications May Not Be Communicating

Communication in organizations is equivalent to the neural network in the human body. If there is a misfire, the organism becomes inefficient or even dysfunctional. I’ve never found a senior manager who says that communications are not important; so why do organizational communications continue to break down despite all of the investment and generally good intentions?

Importance of Personality Testing

A personality test can provide us with a way to categorized different characteristics or traits that we might otherwise not be aware of.
Additionally, this categorization will help us learn how others might react to something in their environment.

Gladys Ogallo on Wisdom Exchange TV

The Managing Director of Virtual HR Gladys Ogallo talks about women in leadership in an interview with Suzanne F. Stevens of Wisdom Exchange TV. View Video