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Virtual HR leads recruitment firms in digital interviewing – KBC Feature

Virtual HR a Human Resource and talent management company is introducing digital interviewing in the recruitment of personnel.


This means that Kenyans no longer have to be physically present for a job interview and instead can opt for a Skype call, video conferencing or mobile-based chats especially WhatsApp recording.

Gladys Ogallo, the Managing Director of Virtual HR says that formerly time-consuming human resources tasks have been vastly improved through technology.

From digital interviewing to digital records, HR teams are now able to recruit and track data faster and more efficiently today than ever.

‘’Some of the major HR processes influenced by technology include Job Evaluation, Performance Management, Training, Recruitment and Selection, Data Storage and Retrieval. We now use a Self Service Module to ensure applicants’ details are updated and are available online at the click of a button including LinkedIn, Google, Twitter and Facebook links as opposed to just manual records. Our processes no longer require that we have a face to face meeting with a potential candidate.  You could be in Mombasa, Namanga or Dubai and we interview you from Nairobi but still manage to hold an effective performance review session,’’ said Mrs. Ogallo.

Factors that would make the recruitment firm consider online interviews include geographical distance, time and cost.

‘’There is no point of hassling both the candidate and ourselves to travel for miles for an interview while we would still achieve the same results through a simple a mechanism as even a WhatsApp chat that would end up saving us significant time and money. As long as it is efficient there is no need,’’ said Gladys Ogallo, who also noted that 3 of every 10 interviews they conduct nowadays are done digitally.

Through digital interviewing candidates are allowed to use whichever technology they prefer — phone, tablet or laptop— to record their responses and HR screeners are given an opportunity to review either immediately or on their own time.

This saves both the recruitment firm hundreds of hours of travel costs and other logistics accrued in physical recruitment. The candidates also save on time and money to get to location.

However, it is important to note at the final stage of the recruitment process the candidate may be required to attend in person as the exclusive use of technology end to end may limit the recruiter’s assessment of the candidate’s personality and other important finer details.

It also assists in giving the whole process the human touch that technology cannot achieve especially on character judgement and detection of passion and commitment.

‘’Getting the right person for the job online does not end there. The real task begins as you place more focus on relationship building as this is where the true self of your applicant begins to show,’’ added Gladys.