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Why Companies Need to Outsource Payroll services

There is  no doubt that payroll is the largest expense for most businesses and managing it can be a nightmare. Payroll outsourcing allows an organization to use a third party service provider to handle the administrative and compliance tasks associated with employee pay. Virtual HR Services offers outsourced HR and payroll services that will allow your managers to prioritize on core tasks in the organizations and therefore more productivity in the organization. We offer services to Kenyan employers and foreign businesses looking to set up in Kenya.

At Virtual HR Services we provide the following comprehensive payroll services to clients depending on their needs.

  • Provide a customized payroll service
  • Preparing the monthly payroll
  • Pay slips processing for each staff member
  • Making any salary adjustments  – these include commission payments, overtime payments and bonus payments
  • Preparing statutory submissions schedules for NHIF, NSSF, PAYE, NITA, HELB and make the necessary uploads,
  • Make payments of statutory deductions
  • Prepare the relevant annual and quarterly income tax reports

For organizations to be able to pay their contractors on time, efficient payroll processing is a necessity. I am of the idea that organizations should make use of outsourced HR services especially with reputable firms such as Virtual HR who will guarantee them efficiency and competency in monthly payroll processing. You do not have to worry about fines since we will handle filing of tax returns and payments to ensure compliance. Our professional team of experts are keen in handling payroll calculations and  updating any tax regulation changes to save you the hustle and bustle of  following up with law officials such as KRA in regards to compliance.

Your employees can be guaranteed of error free pay slips and timely payment of salaries. We are keen on ensuring confidentiality of staff payroll information considering how sensitive the issue of salaries is to majority of employees. There is no doubt that with our payroll systems you are guaranteed of streamlined salaries, bonuses, pension deductions, taxes, and any other necessary aspects of employee net pay. More so gross income and net income calculations for individual employees will appear on their pay slips.

Outsourcing payroll services enables you to prioritize on core organizational tasks which will boost your productivity. Consequently, there is everything to gain with outsourced payroll services.