Gladys Ogallo

Gladys Ogallo

Gladys Ogallo

Gladys is currently the Founder & CEO of Virtual Human Resources Services Ltd, a Human Resource consulting company with partnerships in South Africa.

She has over 14 years experience in the ICT sector working with Africa Online as a Training & Development Manager in charge of 9 countries in Africa and later Head of Human Resource at UUNET (now MTN Business).

Her rich two-decades career in HR management has seen her manage and later consult for leading organizations across the continent where she deploys expertise in talent management, talent development, Assessment tests, Labour law, recruitment and performance management. Gladys’ HR career has spanned several countries including Ghana, Cote d’ivoire, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Swaziland, Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania.

Gladys is passionate about developing talent and linking talent to the attainment of an organization’s goals. Her current focus is on aligning the Human Resource function to support the growth of organizations and to ensure that the HR function is a key player in an organization’s business strategy

Gladys is an experienced and accomplished board member, serving on both Africa and International boards. She has sector experience in Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance, Investment and Education with special reference to managing Human Resources.

Gladys is an adjunct faculty at Strathmore Business School

Gladys Ogallo holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and a Bachelor of Education degree. Gladys has successfully completed the Women Directors Leadership; a leadership development program facilitated by Strathmore University, Canfield University and Women Corporate Directors (WCD).

Gladys is a sought after speaker and has been a facilitator of several Global functions in New York, South Korea, Geneva, Portugal, Zambia, Egypt and South Africa among others