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Human Resource Administration – The Employment Contracts

An employment contract is a legal agreement that defines the relationship between the employer and the employee. It is a written or oral statement of the particulars of the employment terms and conditions that outlines the expectations required from both parties to stabilize the working relationship. Virtual Human Resource Services Limited (Virtual HR) helps in preparing employment contracts for your staff by doing the following;

  • Designing customized employment contracts for staff. Virtual HR will help you customize four types of employment contracts under which you can employ someone which include:
    • Full-time contract – This kind of employment contract does not specify a fixed period and is considered to be for an unlimited period of time, but can be terminated by either party giving notice or payment in lieu of notice.
    • Fixed-term contract – This kind of contract specifies a definite period of time for employment. The contractual relationship may automatically be terminated at the end of this period, without being considered a resignation/ dismissal.
    • Piecework contract – This is a kind of contract in which a person is employed for the performance of a specific task and comes to an end once the task is completed.
    • Casual contract – This is an oral agreement given to an individual who is paid at the end of every day and who is not engaged for a period longer than twenty-four hours at a time.
  • Ensuring compliance with the Labour Laws and benchmarking with common human resource practices – Virtual HR will ensure the employment contracts are compliant with labour regulations and common human resource best practices. The labour regulations laws that define the terms and conditions of employment include;
    • The Employment Act, 2007, and the Regulation of Wages and Conditions of Employment Act (Cap. 229). It provides for the minimum conditions of employment such as hours of work, leave and rest days, protection of wages, the special position of children and women, and termination of employment among other terms of employment.
    • Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) deals with the health, safety, and welfare of employees.
    • The Work Injury Benefits Act (WIBA), 2007 governs the compensation of employees for injuries or diseases contracted in the workplace.
  • Ensuring the employment contract is signed by both parties – Virtual HR will share the written employment contract with management for signing. Thereafter, we issue it to the staff for their perusal and signing. We also ensure that we explain the particulars of the employment contract to the staff for them to understand before they consent to the stipulated terms and conditions.
  • Ensuring the employment contract is updated – we update the employment contracts whenever there is a change in the employment laws and common HR Practices. We also communicate the changes to the employees for their information and consent.

In conclusion, Virtual HR through its professional expertise will offer support to streamline employment terms and conditions necessary to maintaining better employment relationships.


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