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Human Resource Administration – Human Resource (HR) Policy Handbook

A Human Resource Policy Handbook is a written compilation of the policies, procedures, working conditions, and behavioral expectations of staff in any organization. It is meant to provide frameworks for a company within which consistent decisions can be made, and through which equity in the way people are treated can be promoted. Defining human resource policies and procedures is a core function of the human resource administration that help in the managing of staff. Virtual Human Resource Service Ltd, will ensure the following:

  1. Developing human resource policies and policies.

We develop written policies and procedures with consideration to the Company’s corporate and regulatory environment. The policies are compiled to develop an HR Policy Handbook. We ensure compliance with labor regulations and common human resource best practices. The policies will help govern the company operations and how both the management and staff carry themselves out. In cases where the organization has an existing HR policy handbook, using our vast knowledge and experience we review the existing policies and procedures and make recommendations on the appropriate changes to be made.

  1. Training staff on the HR policy handbook.

Virtual HR Service Ltd helps guide the management and staff, by engaging them through training on the HR policy handbook. For new staff, the training is done during the induction process. This ensures a better understanding of how one is expected to carry themselves while at the workplace and seek clarity on areas they do not understand. We also ensure refresher training is facilitated and frequently remind the management and the staff of the existing company policies and procedures. In addition, we communicate any changes in the HR Policy Handbook and update the management and staff on any new statutory labor regulations.

  • Ensuring that staff acknowledges the HR policy handbook.

A policy acknowledgment form is a document that employees can sign to indicate that they have seen, read, understood, and agree to the policies outlined in the handbook. Virtual HR Services will ensure that staff have access to the handbook for their perusal as and when they may need to. Existing staff are required to sign a policy acknowledgment form any time there are significant changes to the handbook and copies filed in staff files.

  1. Regularly updating the HR Policy Handbook.

Through our diverse exposure to human resource-related matters and labour laws, Virtual Human Resource Services Ltd continuously advises the management of amendments to be made to the policies. This is done in case there are any changes to the labour laws or the introduction of new laws. We also analyze the common trends in the labour market and advise the management on any need to amend the policies or develop new policies.

  1. Implementation of the HR Policy Handbook throughout the Company.

Once the HR Policy handbook has been developed/updated and approved by the management, we offer guidance on the implementation of the HR Policy handbook by all the stakeholders in an efficient way. Our team of HR experts also ensures the company transparently communicates the conditions of employment throughout the organization to ensure fairness and equality.


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