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Human Resource Administration

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Administration is the management of the overall employment experience of people working in an organization.
Virtual Human Resources Services Limited has a team of professionals who are trained to handle end-end human resources functions for companies that are starting up human resource departments or want to revamp their existing human resource departments. This is majorly by but not limited to:

    • Design and development of Human Resource Handbook
      A Human Resource Handbook is a document that outlines all the necessary policies, procedures, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), best practices, and rules that the employees must follow in the course of their employment in the organization. At Virtual Human Resources Services Limited, we assist our clients in designing and developing HR policies and procedures for the company in line with labor laws and advise on the
      general HR practices to be followed.
    • Offering guidance on job descriptions
      Every role in an organization needs to have a well-designed job description. This enables the staff recruited to fill in the different positions to be aware of the responsibilities and duties assigned to them. Virtual Human Resources Services Limited develops new job descriptions or re-designs the existing ones for every staff in the company.
    • Designing and revamping employment contracts
      For compliance with labor laws, every employee needs to have a written contract with the employer upon a successful recruitment and onboarding process. Virtual Human
      Resources Services Limited in liaison with the management works to design employment contracts for staff at all levels and ensures proper documentation of the same in accordance with Kenyan labor laws.
    • Design and implementation of efficient performance management systems
      An efficient performance management system is an important tool in the workplace that helps in aligning individual and team goals with the organization’s strategic objectives. Virtual Human Resources Services Limited designs such performance management systems, trains the management and staff on the systems and ensures their implementation. This system is designed to encourage constant feedback from the employees and link rewards to the performance of the employees.
    • Ensuring the growth and development of staff
      We at Virtual Human Resources Services Limited are strong believers in training and coaching sessions that allow employees to become more effective while also increasing job satisfaction. Frequent training strengthens employees’ existing skills and enables them to learn new ones, helping to boost individual and organizational performance.


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