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How To Attract and Recruit Quality Talent

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Every organization’s goal is to hire employees who will contribute to the achievement of the
business objectives. However, one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is attracting
and recruiting qualified candidates. Knowing the right recruitment strategies to use can enable
companies to hire top talent. Virtual HR ensures the attraction and recruitment of quality talent
through the following recruitment strategies:

  • Creating A Candidate Profile
    A detailed description of the qualities of the best candidate for the job goes a long way in
    attracting qualified candidates. Virtual HR works in liaison with clients to develop a
    candidate profile for vacant position (s). The candidate profile contains information on
    the educational background, skills, abilities, work experience, personal characteristics,
    and professional background of the ideal candidate. This helps in attracting qualified
    candidates and reducing the time it would take to screen unqualified candidates.
  • Social Media
    Social media has proved to be an effective channel of communication which is why it is
    an efficient way of reaching out to prospective employees. Virtual HR has accounts on
    social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook where we post Job
    advertisements. This way, we are able to attract and recruit qualified candidates for the
    job within a short period of time.
  • Easy Application Method
    Having a complicated application process for a job can discourage potential employees
    from applying for the job. At Virtual HR, we have adopted an easy application process
    where applicants only need to share their resumes via email to be considered for the
    position. This is quite easy since applicants can even submit their applications using their
    smart devices e.g., mobile phones.
  • Reasonable Turn-around Hiring Timeline
    Delaying the hiring process can lead to the loss of quality talent as candidates may have
    secured another job or lost interest in the position. Virtual HR takes the shortest time
    possible to hire once qualified candidates have been identified.

Recruitment of top talent can be a daunting task for an organization. Let our team of experts at
Virtual HR help you in ensuring that you hire the best talent.

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