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Outsourced Human Resource Management


Many people believe that Human Resource Management is concerned with ‘hiring and firing’ of employees. This is entirely not true. Human Resource Management (HRM) is the systematic and thorough management of employees in an organization. HRM encompasses the end-to-end management of staff lifecycle through the following:

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Onboarding
  • Training and development
  • Remuneration and benefits administration
  • Performance management
  • Employee communication
  • Counseling and mentorship
  • Employee retention
  • Disciplinary management,
  • Managing separation process

At Virtual HR, we provide our clients with customized Outsourced Human Resource Management Services in line with their needs. Our outsourced HR management Services aim at ensuring the following:

  • Offering support to the organization to ensure legal and best practice compliance

We develop policies and procedures in accordance with labor regulations and best practices to guide the company management and employees. Virtual HR will assist in ensuring compliance by training the management and employees on policies and procedures compliance. We also keep our clients updated on any changes on the labour laws

  • Developing efficient Performance Management systems

As Virtual HR, we advise the management on how to run proper performance management system(s) that outlines the areas to be evaluated and the time frame. We encourage continuous reviews and documentation of discussions on staff performance progress to facilitate feedback sharing and inspire staff to meet or exceed set performance expectations, thereby efficiently achieving Company goals and objectives.

  • Ensuring proper Documentation of employee records

Proper documentation is essential in managing employer-employee relations in the workplace. This will also help save costs incurred in the event of legal action taken against the company. As Virtual HR, we advise the management and implement efficient filing systems to ensure that all staff details, from when they join the organization to when they leave are properly documented. Virtual HR also assists in ensuring proper staff record documentation by conducting regular thorough staff file audits and preparing reports to the status of employee records.