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Encountering challenges with payroll processing? Worry No More




Virtual HR Services Limited is an organization that offers customized human resource services to clients to address human resource needs. Our purpose is to help existing clients and potential clients succeed in the market to achieve their goals. We offer a wide variety of human resource services such as: Human Resource Administration, Performance Management Systems, Human Resource Audits, Recruitment and Trainings, Competency Assessment Tests, Outsourced Human Resource Manager and Payroll Processing.



We outsource Payroll processing, which is the rewarding of employees for their services based on wages and deductions after a specific payroll period. We offer end to end payroll processing services, prepare schedules for statutory submissions and prepare the income tax reports.




We have dedicated payroll experts that are able to prepare a timely, reliable and accurate payroll in compliance with the Statutory Regulations of Kenya and as per the agreed timelines with the client. All the payroll payments and statutory deductions to the relevant authorities are done on time. The payroll services are done under high security levels maintaining confidentiality of employee’s remuneration and the organization’s payment structure.



Advancement in technological trends has enabled us to have a broader perspective of payroll services we offer to our clients. We have an operating payroll system known as the Payslip Maker. The Payslip Maker has the ability to capture all employee information and process end to end payroll services. The employee information contains the payroll gross pay where the system automatically deducts all the payroll statutory and payroll taxes i.e. PAYE, NHIF, NSSF, KRA, pension deductions and any other deductions. After all the deductions the software does a payroll calculation to get the Payroll net income which is the pay an employee is entitled to and thereafter a payslip is generated which is sent to the employee. The statutory tax deductions made are submitted to the relevant authorities as per the set timelines.



The payroll system we have in place has significant features; it is automated to process the payroll and deliver the payslip to the individual staff email. This has lessened the costs inquired in printing and filing of payslips. It maintains payroll management records and generate all income tax records thus promoting transparency. Staff are more motivated when the payroll process is effective and enables them get their pay on time. How about you joining us for quality, timely and accurate payroll processing services?