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Payroll Made Easy

Run your payroll more efficiently.

Virtual HR is a payroll management solution expert. We provide your business with the adaptable, practical payroll assistance it requires. We approach outsourced payroll diversely, providing a variety of payroll services such as payroll statutory deductions, i.e., NSSF, NHIF, and PAYE, and other services involved in payroll processing, i.e., collecting pensions, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Our payroll solutions can help you manage all remuneration-related information and ensure that your company’s specific policies and procedures are followed in developing a payslip. Our payroll system is tailored to the user’s specific needs and can support key payroll calculations.

How we do it: We calculate employee wages by ensuring that payroll statutory deductions are applied to the employees’ payroll gross income and filed with the relevant authorities such as The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) by the specific deadlines for filing the returns, which are set on the 9th of each month, and that the employee salaries are deposited to the employee listed bank account on time. Following the application of the statutory deductions, other applicable voluntary deductions, such as pension, salary advance and bank loans, must be applied to arrive at the payroll net income.

Keeping up with regulatory and compliance requirements, such as filing returns and paying payroll taxes, is critical to a company’s long-term viability and operational integrity. However, not many businesses can afford to have a dedicated team to ensure this. Virtual Human Resources Consultants have extensive experience in both developed and emerging markets. Our clients benefit from our insights, expertise, and regular updates, which ensure that they are always on the right side of the law and fully compliant in whatever market they operate in.

Advantages to working with us:

  1. You can be confident that your employees are paid correctly, on time, every time, with a 99.8 percent accuracy rate.
  2. We also have a large team of industry specialists on call to assist you every day, and your data is securely stored based on the ISO 27001:2013 standards, ensuring the safety of your employees’ information and supporting your business continuity plan.

There is no doubt that getting people’s pay wrong or late is a sure-fire way to make them feel undervalued and demotivated. However, if you’re running your payroll internally, it’s an easy mistake to make when payroll processes aren’t automated. Each payroll run involves numerous manual calculations, and human error is unavoidable.

That is why many people choose to outsource their payroll, especially when switching to a managed service means far fewer errors.A more consistent and dependable payroll management experience equals a happier workforce and higher retention.